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Charity run Königstein – record-breaking donation result!

Charity run Königstein – What great news! 🤩

€23,000 was raised at the charity run in Königstein in the Taunus area on April 30, 2023, for the Neonatology department of the University Hospital Frankfurt as well as “Hessen Forst”. The tenth edition of the “Königstein Charity Run” has exceeded all expectations in terms of proceeds…
We are incredibly thrilled about the success of the event and that we could contribute to this fantastic result as a sponsor and with our DONATH running team.

More information about the purpose of the donation:

Neonatology department of the University Hospital Frankfurt

neonatologie frankfurt benefizlauf königstein charity run donath

The Department of Pediatrics is dedicated to premature and sick newborns. They work closely with the obstetrics department and together provide everything necessary to support high-risk pregnancies and safely treat extremely premature infants. The team, consisting of doctors and pediatric nurses, is committed to providing the best possible medical and nursing care to the little patients entrusted to them. To achieve this, they constantly require supplies, equipment, and further training.

Unfortunately, the current situation in the healthcare system doesn’t allow for “big leaps.” There is a lack of funds, and cost-saving measures must be implemented. For projects such as acquiring a ventilator for the initial care shuttle and appropriate cuddle chairs for the so-called “kangaroo care” to promote development, the neonatology department relies on donations. This is where the donation from the Koenigstein Charity Run is intended to provide support.

Reforestation Campaign in the Hochtaunus area

königstein charity run benefizlauf donath

6000 oaks to reforest the “Eichkopf”

The Königstein Forestry Office is located on the outskirts of the city of Frankfurt and manages approximately 14,000 hectares of forest. It stretches from the southern side of the Taunus mountain range across the main ridge to the Hintertaunus, including the highest peak, the Großer Feldberg. The forest areas are sustainably managed according to the current principles of forestry, with a specific focus on nature conservation.

The recently published forest condition report highlights the importance of establishing climate-resilient mixed forests under changing environmental conditions. However, the state budgets do not cover all the costs associated with this.

The donation from the Königstein Charity Run aims to contribute to the planting of a sustainable forest in the Königstein Forest. In collaboration with the Königstein Forestry Office, we will use the donation to help replant an area of approximately one hectare (equivalent to about 4 football fields) with oak trees and possibly winter lindens. The existing spruce stands had to be cleared as they suffered significant damage in recent years due to drought and bark beetle infestation.

Spruces and beeches, being shallow-rooted, are particularly vulnerable to the changing environmental conditions. As a deep-rooted tree, the oak can extract water from deeper soil layers, making it a crucial player in the establishment of climate-resilient mixed forests.

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