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🌿Virtual visits for more sustainability

We conduct virtual visits ! 📱

In addition to the obvious efficiency benefits, virtual visits also offer an environmentallyfriendly alternative to traditional on-site surveys.

Since 2020, we at DONATH have been conducting virtual Relocation site visits. This allows us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Instead of an appointment and a physical on-site inspection of the removal goods by one of our salesmen or colleagues, we use the software product VOXME or YEMBO.

This allows us to conduct an inspection together with the customer and their smartphone.

The statistics attached in the photo show:

🌿 We have increased the visits from 2021 to 2022 by 53 = 57%.

🌿 We have avoided CO2 emissions from 2021 to 2022 by a further 3395.6 kg = 65.6%.

🌿 We will continue to try to convince our customers to do a virtual visit to avoid CO2 emissions.

Virtual visits are also of great benefit to our employees. They can work more efficiently and save time by not having to make physical visits to customers. This allows our employees to work more flexibly and improve their work-life balance. ⚖

You are welcome to read more about our environmental policy and other certifications on our homepage: